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Not finding information comes at a high cost

Avoid hours of searching and recreating existing work that you could have re-used. Our solutions makes sure you know which of your colleagues to talk to and where the information you need is.

Who to talk to

Colleagues with answers

What to read

Related work & documents

Making information discoverable

A company's key asset is the information it holds, but only if it can be navigated effectively. Lateral's machine learning solution automatically lets employees see content related to the work they are doing and which of their colleagues have the expertise to help them.

Get similar

Client meeting notes

New client

Similar case:
Similar case:
Similar case:
Speak to: Ben published several reports on the subject.
Speak to: Felix is an expert on the topic.
Speak to: Martin worked on a similar case a month ago.
Speak to: Max worked on a similar report 4 days ago.

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Thursday, 23 March



Max wants to talk to you. He's working on a similar case to you.



Ben wants to talk to you. He's working on a similar case to you.



Martin wants to talk to you. He's working on a similar case to you.



Felix wants to talk to you. He's working on a similar case to you.

Similar documents


Related work added to the company database.

Save time & facilitate collaborationFacilitate collaboration

With Lateral employees can instantly see if their work overlaps with that of their colleagues. Avoid the high costs of work being redone as knowledge is shared effectively.

Speak to Max. He is currently working on a similar project.
Article found that is highly relevant for your work.
Newsletter of relevant reports that were recently added.

Integrate internal & external sourcesIntegrate different sources

Connect both the software solutions you use internally as well as external content. Need your employee's to follow industry specific news related to their work? No problem.

Permissions & Confidentiality

Lateral works with your company's permissions structures and can recommend colleagues to each other based on expertise, without sharing confidential work or documents.


Our API can easily integrate with any tech stack and interfaces like Office or Drive.

Can integrate with solutions such as

In-house solutions

Standalone Plugins

and more...

Easy Setup

Rapid deployment for all enterprise environments.

Secure & Compliant

We offer a hosted solution, private cloud or on premise installs.


Our solution can quickly learn new languages & custom vocabulary.

Expert Support

We work closely with our clients during and after installation.

Lateral Intelligence Platform (LIP)

Our state-of-the-art solution has been developed in-house by some of Europe’s top machine learning experts. The hybrid recommender understands how words relate to each other and interprets behavioural signals to make intelligent connections.

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