We are hiring!

We are looking for another experienced full-stack developer to become an essential part of our team. Someone with comprehensive knowledge of:

  • JavaScript
  • Python, Ruby, Node or Go
  • HTML and CSS
  • SQL databases
  • Server tweaking (is a bonus)

Why work with us

Be part of an exciting and growing startup working with innovative machine learning to solve real problems. Work with a diverse set of languages, tools, platforms and topics and have a say to steer the future of development at Lateral.

Who we are

Lateral is a machine learning startup based in Kreuzberg, Berlin. We’ve been going for four years and are an international and driven team that is highly technical and appreciates good design.

How we work

We develop all our own machine learning technology in-house. We work closely with our clients to integrate into their existing workflows and systems. We also create products powered by our API, such as NewsBot. We encourage open discussions and make decisions as a team.


Please get in touch, it'd be great to meet you! Only full-time, and only on-site, please.

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