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What do I do if I lose my API Key?

Short answer: Sign-up again using the same email address.

Long answer: In case you lose your API key, please sign-up again using the same email you used the first time. You will receive an email containing a link to the same key you were issued before. In case that does not work, please contact us from the same email you used to sign-up.

Getting Started

What is Lateral?

Short answer: An API for intelligent content recommendations.

Long answer: Lateral allows companies to seamlessly integrate machine learning into the software they use internally, so that their employees can quickly find relevant documents for their work and colleagues that can help them. It also allows developers to integrate machine learning into products and apps to create a personalised experience for their users and without needing any prior knowledge of machine learning.

Content to be recommended can either be internal content that is added to the API or can come from our pre-populated databases or external sources. Get started.

Is it easy to set-up?

Short answer: Yes, very easy.

Long answer: All you need to do, is click the "Get Access" button and select “Text-matching & Article Extractor” to get your personal API Key, and to start recommending content simply:

  • Push your documents to the API or choose one of our pre-populated databases
  • Sync document events for when documents are added, deleted or edited.
  • Add user events for when users like, dislike or see a document. (optional)

If you are not a developer or want to test Lateral without using code the awesome people at Blockspring have made a great tool that allows you to so using a spreadsheet.

Do I have to be a developer to use it?

Short answer: Yes, but some functionality is available through Blockspring.

Long answer: Blockspring have made an amazing tool that allows you to use some of the Lateral API’s functionality using just an Excel or Google spreadsheet. You are not able to recommend your own documents but you can use our pre-populated databases to retrieve content recommendations. For a guide please visit our blog.


Can it be installed on our servers or in my private cloud environment?

Short answer: Yes, for large volume and enterprise customers.

Long answer: For enterprise customers we can offer an on premises server installation or in your own cloud environment. We have a one click image installation for major public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP. For more information please contact us.

How do I manage different datasets?

Short answer: Using different API Keys and email addresses.

Long answer: If you want to upload several, different datasets of documents, you can do so by requesting separate API Keys. You need to use a different email address for each key. In case you are using Gmail, you can also just add a "+" to your email address as shown in the example below:

  • etc.


Which languages does it support?

Short answer: English, German and Indonesian.

Long answer: We are able to train new languages in under a week. If you have over 100,000 documents and would like to request support for an additional language please contact us.


Do I have to pay to use it?

Short answer: Yes, but you can try it for free for 14 days first (no credit card required).

Long answer: You can sign-up for free and start using the Lateral API straight away. We will contact you regarding pricing. If you have an idea of the scale of usage you can also send us an email to find out more about our pricing in advance.

Is the pricing based on usage?

Short answer: It's tier pricing for our hosted API and custom pricing for large volume usage and on premise installations.

Long answer: For our hosted API we use tier pricing to make sure we can suite your needs whatever your size. The tier that is right for you depends on the amount of traffic you are getting and the amount of documents you upload. We offer custom pricing for large volume usage and on premise/client cloud installations. To find out more please contact us.


What is an API?

Short answer: An API allows developers to integrate existing software into products and apps.

Long answer: An application programming interface (API) allows software companies to make their software easily integratable into third party products and apps. This seamless integration means that developers building new applications can leverage the power of existing software, instead of having to build everything themselves. Lateral allows developers to integrate intelligent content recommendations into products and apps, without needing any prior knowledge of machine learning. Get Started.

What is an API key?

Short answer: A personal ID when using an API

Long answer: An API key acts as your personal identity pass when you are using an API. It grants you access to that API and in the case of Lateral also acts as an identifier for the storage of the documents you upload. It is also important as a security measure against malicious software and un-authorised access. SO KEEP IT SAFE!

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